Memory Map Gift for Anniversary, Birthday and Special Day. 

Why should you create Customized Memory Map?

Happy Corner lets you celebrate your greatest achievements and re-live your favorite memories and places. whether it’s your hometown, a wonderful trip to an exotic place, a romantic marriage proposal, the beautiful birth of your children, the place you went to university, or your first date, among many other special moments. Let us help you design personalized posters to show who you are, or create amazing custom gifts for the people you care about.

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Personalized Memory Map

Create your own personalized memory map and relive your favorite memory at any location. A great trip with your friend, your first batchmate, your first kiss, your first date, or your first lap dance. You can ping your memory with craziest emoticon and write a personalized note for  love ones. 

Memroy Map and Picture dual map Gifts


Personalized Combo Frame

Happy Corner can curate your “The Day We Met” with your location and the photo you have to relive the best moment of your life. You can draft your wedding day, birthday or any special day where your heart skipped a beat. You can also use PDF option for fastest delivery and 5+ sizes for frames.

Custom Definition by Happy Corner


Personalized Name Definition 

Customizable name meaning wall prints. These cute & beautiful wall prints would make the perfect touch to your bedroom or study room! They also would be a great gift for some someone special in your life! You can customize it with naughty or love definition for your love ones or for you. 

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Instagram Wall Memory Frame


Instagram Wall Memory

Happy Corner present you best Memory Gift for your partner on Anniversary or Birthday. This Instagram Wall Memory Map can be customized with your favorite memory and trips last year. This gift is best for your partner, friends or batchmate. Get 20% Off on your First Order with Free Shipping

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Personalize your memory suprise with Happy corner Memory Map